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Are you approaching your 30s? Are you already in your 30s feeling tired and confused about your body?

Perhaps you’ve been on and off of hormonal birth control for the past decade and wondering what effects that has had on your body?

Doctors say it’s fine and that you shouldn’t worry but you know in the back of your mind there’s that lingering question because...

you’re an activist, feminist, intelligent, strong, cachimbona, chingona, mindful woman and because you’re the expert of your lived experience.

You’re driven to advocate for social justice issues, care for the environment and want to make sure that access is available to all because it’s a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.

Let me say, you are POWERFUL and we NEED you in this world! That kind of work is rewarding as well as draining.

You’ve established your place in this world and will continue to fight for what’s just. However, there’s a last missing link to connect mind, body and spirit and that’s...


Yes, I find that it’s usually the last thing on our minds and most of us have been conditioned to adopt a “set it and forget it” mindset.

I’m here to say THAT’S OKAY!

You did what you had to do to navigate this world and reach your goals which was no easy task. Whether it was to get a degree, not become another teen pregnancy statistic, no longer experience terrible acne, and no longer experience crippling period symptoms.

So what’s next on this journey because no one seems to get it. You ask yourself, “where is my support system?”

You want to learn how to transition off of hormonal birth control but feel hesitant and even scared because all you’ve heard the past decade is “that’s the only way to prevent pregnancy.” That’s what “stops your acne from returning with a vengeance.” And you don’t want to go through painful periods again because you’re over that sh*t.

I hear you and I see you. This was my story too. When I found no help I decided to take control of my reproductive health and it was the transformation I needed to fully trust myself and my body in this world.

Start taking control today because when we get to the root cause of our reproductive health issues then you can better serve this world and own your body in it.