In 2014, after experiencing endless pain for two years I was diagnosed with a grapefruit sized ovarian cyst that resulted in surgically removing my right ovary. I came to find that the pill was no longer safe for my health after doctors mentioned the pill may have contributed to the cyst growth. Once I realized the pill was still being pushed on me after surgery I knew I had to take control of my reproductive health. My life completely changed and I never looked at my body and fertility the same. I had to transform the narrative of growing up with fear around my fertility, sexuality and body.

For the past 10+ years I’ve been a language interpreter and translator working in healthcare and public education. Understanding why language access is crucial for health and wellness is at the core of what I fight for! I believe every woman has the ability to understand her body and take control.

I love helping people find the right tools, products and information that align with their lifestyle in order to rise up and take control of their reproductive health and bodies.

The last 5 years I’ve improved my reproductive health the holistic way. I know the information that’s out there and which is valid. In addition, I'm a grad student doing research on holistic reproductive healthcare centering communities of color. So you know this is my life’s work! I’ve had the privilege of attending health several conferences along with connecting, working with and learning from top experts in the field.

Helping empower, educate and liberate people to take control of their reproductive health is my passion!