A Certified Fertility Doula (CFD) is a specialist that has the knowledge to facilitate the many stages of (in)fertility → from trying to conceive (TTC) for 6 months all the way to years of unsuccessful IUI & IVF procedures. By obtaining and understanding the latest in reproductive science and the body's psychophysiological response to stress and how that impacts fertility. Having the understanding of the emotional experience of fertility at all stages. Taking a holistic approach (includes nutrition, movement, mental wellness, mindfulness and more) using the tools to educate you on how to overcome barriers within your body.

what is a certified fertility awareness educator?

The FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) is learning to observe your unique fertility signs. Unlike an algorithm or an app that often estimates when ovulation occurs that can many times lead to an undesired outcome. When you work with a certified fertility awareness educator you will learn how to identify the ebbs and flows of your menstrual cycle. This information is not only important for your fertility but it has been identified as a fifth vital sign for overall health. With the education from a certified fertility awareness educator you will be much more confident in your body, changes, and ever evolving health starting with the physiology of the menstrual cycle. Recognize normal and healthy cycles at various stages of a woman’s reproductive life, from puberty to menopause. Recognize abnormal cycles and symptoms and receive referral to your medical doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Affirm symptoms ranging from acne, irregular bleeding, PMS and pain, as indicators of health abnormalities and support to receive medical diagnosis and treatment as needed.

what are the benefits of a cfd?

A Certified Fertility Doula (CFD) helps a woman or couple trying to conceive gain confidence in how she/they are pursuing conception. Your CFD will make sure that you know what the steps are to achieve conception the quickest, and more importantly, healthiest way.

Your CFD will help you process the emotions associated with fertility struggles, pregnancy loss(es), or other conception concerns. She will also serve as a guide that helps you navigate the wealth of information found on the web and other sources that can lead to confusion and overwhelm.

Your CFD will guide you through nutritional and lifestyle choices that foster healthier fertility foundations. They will also provide you with questions to consult with your obstetrician, midwife or reproductive endocrinologist. A CFD’s support is not meant to substitute the advice from your medical provider.