No More Headaches At The Salon

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Happy New Year! 2016 was my year of TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING. I went through many challenges from back surgery to personal growth, an all encompassing physical and mental transformation. I am open to what 2017 has in store and very excited about it!

Most salons have toxic salon products in their inventory. The air quality is compromised due to the fumes in an enclosed space. This was always a challenge for me and most times I would walk out of the salon with a huge migraine. The scent of ammonia among other very toxic chemicals are a serious health risk and many of these are classified as carcinogens. Please click here to read the following article from the EWG (Environmental Working Group) about the health risks for not only clients but salon workers alike.

For my first blog post of this year I decided to share about my experience at an Eco Salon in the Los Angeles area. After about two years of scouring and researching the Pasadena area I found an organic/eco-conscious salon close to me in Highland Park named Crop Salon.

Thank the heavens!


Crop Salon is a small salon located in the Highland Park area that carefully curates natural/organic vegan salon products from quality professional haircare lines such as: Davines, OWAY, Babo Botanicals, etc. The first standout was that there was NO SALON SMELL! I was immediately relieved and thrilled that my experience would not be followed with a massive migraine. This salon staff is composed of three hairstylists plus founder and owner, Deborah Kantner. One of the hairstylists, Erin Will specializes in balayage making her a master in organic hair color and I was lucky enough to have her work her magic on my head of hair. Check out her Instagram! She informed me that hairstylists must take separate courses to learn about and how to use the OWAY (Organic Way) professional hair color line that originates from Italy. This line is very eco-conscious from the organic plant based ingredients to the amber glass packaging. Please note that even though organic hair color exists there I encourage you to always do your own research. Please consider that there is no such thing as a perfectly clean organic hair color, there are just some ingredients that are taken out and I find it important to avoid the serious offenders (carcinogens).


I went in for a haircut and balayage for a birthday treat back in November. The last time I had balayage was two years prior. I did not feel any tingling or burning on my scalp. I only color my hair once a year to keep the fumes down because regardless of being “organic” you are still changing the structure of your natural hair follicle when adding any color process. It is much more cost effective to have it professionally done once a year and balayage is perfect for a low maintenance look.  To be honest, I initially went in thinking that organic hair color would not be as effective as conventional hair color because my natural hair color is so dark and trying to lift the color without using hair bleach was a challenge and my previous experiences were always a guessing game. THIS is my natural color.

After about 2.5 hours of color, cut and styling here is the end result! My experience at Crop Salon in Highland Park was absolutely incredible! I love the finished result, my hair felt so bouncy and smooth. I highly recommend checking out this eco friendly salon. There is 15% off for first time visitors when you check-in through YELP. I hope you check them out!

Love and light!

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