Ponche Guatemalteco In 4 Simple Steps


It’s the holiday season and that meant ponche (hot fruit punch) in my household growing up. My gramma (I pronounce it this way, I know it’s spelled “grandma”) also known as abuelita would make her infamous ponche guatemalteco (Guatemalan ponche). As I’ve gotten older I have learned to appreciate the time that my gramma invested and dedicated to maintaining traditions she brought with her from Guatemala so many years ago. I believe it’s important to keep that legacy alive with each coming generation.

Therefore, this year I decided to take on the task of taking inspiration from her recipe and finding a simple and easy way to make ponche. For this recipe, I decided to use all dehydrated fruits because they are sweeter and are pre-cut usually. Whole fruits can be used as well just add sweetener of choice as needed.

Check out my mini tutorial!

Ingredients (all purchased through Thrive Market online):



  1. Chop all fruit into cubes, leave orange peel as is
  2. Place all chopped fruit and peel into instant pot
  3. Fill water to max fill line (10 cups for mini duo)
  4. Set to steam on high pressure (takes about 30 mins)
  5. Make sure valve is closed
  6. Once instant pot is done and timer goes off then turn release valve and let it release all the steam before removing the lid with a glove
  7. Be sure to keep face away from open pot
  8. Mix the ponche, serve and enjoy!
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