Where To Get Your Grub On – Pasadena Style

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Welcome to the Pasadena food guide for restaurants you can discover with me to your heart’s content! I will start in my hometown of Pasadena, California and add other cities in the Los Angeles area as I discover more and more. These restaurants are truly up to par and provide sustainable, organic ingredients and sourcing. Pasadena is one of the best cities for a plethora of foodie options so why not share the finds! Enjoy!


  • One Veg World: This vegan restaurant is comfort food meets asian cuisine. Anything from Korean tacos to breakfast sandwiches, you name it, they probably have a delicious vegan option for it.
  • My Vegan Restaurant: This Thai vegan restaurant is for anyone that loves curry, noodles, salads, soups, etc. basically anything Thai and plant based. So good!
  • Green Earth Vegan Cuisine: This vegan restaurant stays true to it’s name by providing a varied menu including dishes from America, Italy, Mexico, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. There’s something for everyone!
  • Real Food Daily: This vegan restaurant was one of my first local vegan restaurants in Pasadena and one of my favorites! My favorite seasonal summer dish is their Caribbean Quesadillas. I highly recommend it!
  • Veggie Grill: In the mood for a burger? Then this vegan restaurant is a go to. Their vegan burgers will make you forget it’s not meat. It’s THAT good!


  • True Food Kitchen: This restaurant is aesthetically beautiful. Located in the Old Town Pasadena area and their outdoor open kitchen experience. Not only with you eat sustainable food but you get to breathe in some fresh air too. My absolute favorite dish is the edamame dumplings! They are to die for! They also have many vegan options available.
  • Urban Plates: The portions this restaurant provides is incredible. You are guaranteed free range chicken, grass fed beef paired with their seasonal menus. They also provide a few vegan options. Their juices are so refreshing!
  • Tender Greens: Looking for barbecue chicken? This is the spot for you. Very similar to the previous restaurant mentioned, you get your money’s worth with these portions. From recycled materials to environmentally friendly products! (Few vegan options)
  • Lemonade: If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Old Town Pas then Lemonade on Lake is for you. Providing reusable cutlery and tableware so you can feel good about your low environmental impact on the planet. Low waste and healthy sustainable food, yes please!


  • ALMA de la RosaThis sustainably sourced latin fusion restaurant is newer to the Pasadena area. Includes beautiful patio seating and of course TACOS!
  • Urbano Mexican Kitchen: This is a newer family owned restaurant that infuses traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine combining the freshest and highest quality ingredients. (Vegetarian and gluten-free options).


  • Green Zone: This couple-owned restaurant’s mission is eating healthy does not mean sacrificing flavor. They hit the nail on the head! Using all organic ingredients they demonstrate that organic asian cuisine does not impede flavor at all. From ramen to organic Japanese green tea, there are so many things to try!


Lavender Honey + Earl Grey

Lavender Honey + Earl Grey

  • Sage Cafe & Kind Kreme: Another local, organic plant based restaurant that’s so yummy! Their desserts are heavenly and you can be sure that they source from local farmers. I mean flavors like coconut kale lime sound interesting and they taste amazing!
  • SunLife Organics: Organic acai bowls and smoothies are what this location is all about! Filled with all healthy snacks you can grab on the go.
  • Nekter Juice Bar: My absolute favorite for organic bowls and smoothies. They have non-dairy options available and it is absolutely delicious. Get your superfoods in one bowl!
  • Carmela Ice Cream: This ice cream shop is a little hidden gem in Pasadena. Their ice creams are handmade in Pasadena, use local dairy, unique seasonal flavors and made with love. I am a tea lover so I recommend their Earl Grey flavor! (picture above) They offer ice cream making courses at the Pasadena creamery. (Refer to website for course price).
  • Bengees Ice Cream: Remember the cronut buzz? Well, this place took it to the next level with the cronut ice cream sandwich! This is the place for vegan ice cream flavors like vegan Thai tea and Vegan Ume (Japanese plum).
  • Yoga-urt: Located in Glendale, CA (not too far from Pasadena). It could not go without mention, IT’S THAT GOOD! All vegan frozen yogurt goodness!
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