Do I Fit In The Green Community?

Hi friends!


Let me start off by saying that due to the recent political news I decided to take a leap of faith and change my blog name and all social media. It was something that was lingering in the back of my mind for a very long time. There were several events and signs leading up to that needed change and the DACA news was the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. It was time to evolve.

The interesting thing is that I felt uneasy every time I thought about it. I had built this “identity” for three years but I had outgrown it all at the same time. Three years ago, “green” was not an adjective commonly used. I’m all about that eco, green, non-toxic, conscious, etc. life but it is also VERY restrictive in my opinion. Would I like to be able to use all organic products and eat all organic food? SURE! However, it is unrealistic and the deeper I got into the green community the more I questioned the system or framing and realized it is not setup for people of color.

The market itself is targeted for a certain group usually families or individuals that fall under a middle to high socioeconomic status. That alone excludes and perpetuates feelings of inadequacy. I would often ask myself how quinoa and plantains became such expensive products in the organic market when those were foods I grew up eating most of my life. I couldn’t help but notice it was almost a tact of repackaging to make things aesthetically appealing that were resold to people of color at a higher price. Perhaps a reselling of culture? Ever heard of Columbusing?

I learned so much good as well as the gaps that exist in the green community. The telling fact that green beauty brands have yet to expand their shade ranges for darker complexions. Several times I would email these brands asking about their plans to expand their range only to be met with the frustrating truth and reality that inclusivity was not a priority. Numerous times being told that if people starting requesting their needs then they would take it into consideration. Is this real life? To make a request for color representation is not needed in this day and age. It’s a necessity to have healthier options available for darker complexions. A brand that takes the time to understand the undertones for darker complexions and include someone of color on their team to help formulate those shades.

Which leads me into my next point…GREEN POLICING. I grew tired of the green police making others feel guilt, shame or isolated because one could no longer afford to buy all organic or they chose to use a brand/product that was not filled with “pure” ingredients. This created an “imposter syndrome” for so many I spoke to. Ones that would come out of the shadows and state that they no longer felt comfortable posting or sharing their experiences. No one should have to omit their life experience because someone else doesn’t see it fit for their standards. Who set the standards this way? Who framed the green community to function this way? What message is being sent to the public?

The green community was having a grey cloud hovering of lacking authenticity due a constant push for consumerism. Seeing marketing tacts to buy the latest potion, concoction, supplement, serum, oil, mask, etc. in order to achieve wellness really lost it’s goal and mission, in my humble opinion and observations. Can one be environmentally aware if they are falling into consumerism? What impact is the green beauty industry having on the planet many of us claim to care for?

With all this self-reflection and looking at what I wanted to represent moving forward I only saw it fit to change my blog to Cultura Con Wellness. In English translated to “culture with wellness”, you see I am more than green beauty products and obsession with wellness. It’s a balance all on our own. Wellness my way including my cultural background to I so proudly wear. I look forward to my new approach and to continue to empower the Latino community and people of color through an intentionally conscious lifestyle. I hope that many of you can find your own way to wellness and find what works for you to empower your self, family and communities.

Love and light,


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