Eco Products In HomeGoods??

Hi friends!


Welcome to the HomeGoods Green Guide! The truth is just because we choose to live an intentionally greener lifestyle doesn’t mean we are exempt from being normal humans. Let’s be real, every now and then we are just too lazy to want to THINK about scouring through products. Several friends and family members have approached me asking where they can find affordable, easy to find natural or organic products. They all admittedly confessed…”I’M TOO LAZY.”

I can empathize and it can definitely be overwhelming considering the plethora of brands and products available in stores today ESPECIALLY when most of us want a quick and efficient shopping experience


My mission: to hunt through these easily accessible stores for natural and organic products and brands. On my clean journey I found myself coming across natural and organic brands at HomeGoods. I hope this guide helps you out as well! I have broken it down as follows:

Kitchen Essentials Section 

Bake Shop

Specialty Foods (Dining) 

Bath Section



HomeGoods always introduces new brands and as I encounter different ones I will update this list.

Stay tuned for next green guide!

Love and light!

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