Día De Los Muertos Dedication

Hi friends!

It’s November 1st and in many Latino and Mexican households that means we celebrate Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de los Muertos) begins November 1st through November 2nd. This has become a trend in the last few years but these traditions are rooted in a hybrid of indigenous and Catholic traditions to honor deceased loved ones. Everything is very intentional in this tradition, indigenous people were not allowed to practice their customs during the Colonial Period so as a result we have the hybrid today.

Ofrendas (English: altars) are built in homes usually with a picture of the deceased, candles, flowers (traditionally marigolds), fruit, pan de muerto, calaveras, lots of color. This is not a time for mourning, it is a celebration of their life when their spirits can join their family still alive on earth. It is believed that by cleaning the tombs, listening to music and gathering together with food our loved ones spirits are there in celebration with us, joyful in spirit. Happy spirits will provide us protection, wisdom and clarity in our own lives.

In Guatemala, there is an entire festival dedicated to Día de los Muertos and many families go to cemetries to celebrate life with their loved ones. It creates a closeness in community and a connection to family members that have moved on to the afterlife. For many especially in El Salvador and Guatemala they honor those that were killed during the civil war.

In honor and dedication to Day of the Dead I decided to create a “catrina” look in collaboration with local brands and shops. The flower crown was made by Pasadena florist La Rosa Que Crecio. This beautiful arrangement of carnations. Traditionally, marigolds are used to guide the spirits to altars with their vibrant colors, scent and also represent the fragility of life.

Next, to create the catrina face paint I used these natural brands:

  • Johnny Concert Cosmetics: All vegan, organic, natural, and cruelty free ingredients. These were perfect to create a bright vibrant look. (Contribution for this post)
  • Jane Iredale: Mystikol eyeliner in Onyx to create the black outlines. (Purchased myself)
  • Axiology in Valor to create a bright lip color that represents strength and life. (Purchased myself)
  • Gabriel Cosmetics Moisturizing Liquid Foundation in Pale Ivory for a lighter base. (Sample for my local Whole Foods)

These Johnny Concert eyeshadows really pack a punch and three of these shades are part of their new Fall Matte collection: (Left to Right) Dead Poet (part of their permanent collection), Mad Love, Clockwork, Harvest Moon. Can be used wet or dry.

In honor of my deceased loved ones, I dedicate this post to them and my ancestors before me. For paving the way and watching over me and grounding me everyday into learning about who I want to become and want to be remembered as. You all have a very special place in our hearts and minds.

With love,

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